The 3rd photo competition of Denkstein Real Estate

"Coming HOME is...." - The winners

1. Josef Hinterleitner

Statement of the jury:
This photo is completely staged and presented with many details that make the scene funny. The bed is of course the most homey place - according to the motto: "Coming HOME is..." weth your feet in a foot tub, the pipe in the mouth, the wife on the bed blowing bubbles. Well lit, technically perfectly realized, the scene captured well captured.

Prize: Leica SOFORT, sponsor Leica / Karin Rehn-Kaufmann

2. Michael Hartl

Statement of the jury: Great, very good, very artistic staged and photographed photo that evokes many associations. The people with their suitcases on the move also correspond to the motto "Coming HOME is....".

Prize: 200 Euro voucher from Foto Kücher / Ulrich Kücher

3. Benjamin Dengg

Statement of the jury: out of the current situation in our world...not to mention that Donald Trump is also real estate tycoon. After all, this is about the price of a real estate firm. Altough the comparison is not real whatsoever, since that Michael Denkstein works only clean methods ;-)

Prize: Grossglockner High Alpine Road AG: one night for 4 pax. In the "Haus Mesenaten" on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road with day pass in the adventure world of the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. With book. Founder GROHAG / Johannes Hörl

4. Lisa Kutzelnig

Statement of the jury: A great photo that has incredible depth and sharpness. Mourning scene perfectly captured. No one in the jury would have associated a cemetery with homecoming, but that's why the picture is touching and profound.


Prize: 100 Euro voucher from Foto Kücher / Ulrich Kücher

5. Sandra Keszthelyi

Statement of the jury: Although there was no artistic staging involved in this photo, it is simply a beautiful photo, a beautiful moment, a beautiful scene in beautiful light.

Prize: Day pass of the Grossglockner High Alpine Roads AG. Sponsor GROHAG / Johannes Hörl