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Real estate in the old town of Salzburg
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The Old Town of Salzburg comprises the historic inner city core of the provincial capital Salzburg and is divided by the Salzach River into right and left Old Town. The old town of Salzburg was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996 and therefore offers numerous historical and world-famous sights.

As a residential area, the Old Town is especially popular with those who like to be in the middle of the colorful city life and diverse hustle and bustle - and appreciate urban flair with historical charm. Here is really everything "what the heart of big city people desires" on the doorstep such as the Salzburg Festival, the Salzburg Cathedral, the Salzburg Landestheater, concert halls, the world-famous Getreidegasse, renowned restaurants, world-famous traditional coffee houses, boutiques, the fortress Hohen Salzburg, the Mönchsberg, the Grünmarkt, local suppliers - and also the nightlife with bars, discos and clubs.

Historic buildings of world fame, a memorably eventful history and virtuosos of music - that's what Salzburg's old town is known for all over the world. But the center of the cultural metropolis Salzburg, which can be explored on foot, has much more to offer. Here live and work people who offer old crafts, art and services with tradition, perfection and passion.

Michael Denkstein at home in the Getreidegasse and "around".

"As a little boy, I practically grew up in Getreidegasse and in Grandma Denkstein's shoe store. It's understandable that I love Getreidegasse and the pulsating life, especially in the summer months and during the festival season, of this world-famous alley. But, Salzburg's Old Town is much more than this one alley. It pays to turn from the Getreidegasse into the small alleys, the so-called Durchhäuser, and explore them. The alleys themselves are true gems, with winding romantic courtyards and balconies decorated with flowers - also offer small, fine cafes and charming stores. In one of these alleys, a pretty house between Getreidegasse and Universitätsplatz, is hidden in a very small space the Balkan Grill, known beyond the city limits. The 'Bosna' prepared here has long had cult status. Anyone who has not eaten a bosna here is not a Salzburger. The bosna from this alley is a "must-try" and "must-eat". And in the so-called Schatz-Durchhaus, which leads from Getreidegasse 3 to Universitätsplatz 16, you will find the small Schatz pastry shop. The traditional confectioner's shop seduces with sweet foam rolls, apparently the best in Salzburg, and delicious pastry creations," enthuses Michael Denkstein, who not only knows Getreidegasse, including its alleys and passageways, like the back of his hand. Michael Denkstein can also be met at Café Tomaselli over a typical Salzburg coffee speciality or in the guest garden of the 'Blaue Gans' - and when he is hurrying from one appointment to another in the Old Town, he likes to stop for a sweet refreshment at the Fürst and reward himself with an original Salzburg Mozartkugel. "Just a few steps away from the tourist crowds of Getreidegasse is the Kaiviertel, which I love for its young, cheeky little stores, pubs and bars. Here you can enjoy a 'Feierabendbier' or a cocktail in a relaxed pleasant atmosphere. The guest gardens are small - the atmosphere grandiose to great."

"To visit the green market, I recommend not only during the week, but on Saturdays. Because that's where Salzburg meets! Who wants to meet the 'Salzburger', comes early in the morning, does his 'weekend shopping', gustiert and chats then still at the Würstelstand," advises Michael Denkstein still in conclusion.

Michael Denkstein could, of course, ramble on endlessly here about "his" Salzburg Old Town, the many tranquil places of his childhood, his favorite spots and his insider tips - and perhaps he will do the same when he meets you and shows you your dream property in Salzburg.

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