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Do you want to sell or rent a property and want to know what price is appropriate? Would you like to buy or rent a property and check whether the price is in line with the market situation?

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A property valuation is a complex process that should be carried out by an independent real estate expert.

The market value of a property should be calculated when a house, plot of land or apartment changes hands, especially when buying or selling real estate. The market value is one of the most important bases for the sales price or purchase price of a property! Without a serious determination of the property value or house value in a market value appraisal, owners run the risk of not receiving the appropriate price for the property. In order to set an appropriate asking price for the sale of a property, it is important to determine the actual property value or house value.

The most frequently asked questions about valuing your property

When selling or renting a property, an appraisal from an independent expert has clear advantages. Real estate prices in Salzburg are often very opaque. At Denkstein Immobilien Salzburg, we provide you with professional support in determining the value of your property, regardless of whether you need a real estate appraisal for market value, market value or estimated value.

How do you determine a property value? To determine the property value yourself, you can use our property calculator as a first step. The result will give you an initial impression of the value of the property.

Our team will be happy to provide you with a detailed independent valuation FREE OF CHARGE!

The amount of the (cold) rent depends primarily on whether the rental property is subject to the Tenancy Act (MRG) or not:

1. if so, rents are strictly regulated in Austria. They are determined by the appropriate rent, the category rent or the guideline rent.

2. if not, the rent can be set freely by the landlord. This is the case for short-term rentals, for example. This rent is not limited by the guideline value and can be determined by the landlord.

Our property calculator is available to give you an initial overview. We will be happy to help you with the correct valuation of your property to determine the right value!

In most cases, the property is valued using the comparative value method. Based on the prices achieved for comparable properties in similar locations, various premiums and discounts are applied to calculate the price that the property to be valued can achieve. The valuer's knowledge of the market plays a decisive role here. Only if he knows the regional market in detail will he know what prospective buyers are currently prepared to pay.

We at Denkstein Immobilien Salzburg are your first point of contact when it comes to the correct valuation of your property!

You decide on the scope of your expert opinion

  • Yield calculations
  • Purchase or sale of a property
  • Determination of realistic market rents
  • Gift, inheritance & division matters

We value your property free of charge and without obligation as an independent expert with excellent knowledge of the Salzburg real estate market!

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