Immobilien in Salzburg Langwied & Kasern

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Immobilien in Salzburg Langwied & Kasern
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The districts of Langwied and Kasern are located in the northeast of the city of Salzburg at the foot of the Heuberg and form the border with the Flachgau municipality of Hallwang, which is located in the northeast. The districts are closer to the municipality than to the city due to their very rural appearance and also due to the distance to Salzburg city center, but still very close to the city center with a distance of four kilometers.

The two districts are mainly characterized by residential and commercial areas - and life is quiet and tranquil here on the outskirts of the city. The freeway junction Salzburg-Nord is also located in Kasern.

The green areas around the Samer Mösl and the Ischlerbahntrasse, which are popular with nature lovers, are all under nature protection. Especially families, sports enthusiasts and outdoor fans get their money's worth in the near-natural landscape. The Söllheimer hiking trail and also the Mozart cycle path lead on the one hand into the nearby city or into the Flachgau hilly landscape - "out into the countryside" and into the greenery.

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