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Salzburg Lehen is a densely populated district in the north of the city of Salzburg. The district, which is roughly triangular in outline, is bordered to the south by a section of the Rosenheim-Salzburg railroad line, to the northwest by the Glanbach stream and the Glankanal canal, and to the east by the Salzach river.

The residential area of Lehen in Salzburg offers urban, modern city life with cultural and multicultural flair and excellent infrastructure.

In the densely populated district of Salzburg, "everything feels like a big city" because of the metropolitan, dynamic, pulsating lifestyle of the chic district. But not only.

Above all, Lehen also stands for interesting architecture, modern buildings, diverse culture and lots of greenery. The Lehen Park is one of these green oases. It is mainly used for sports and leisure purposes.

In addition to the Lehener Park, the Glanspitz and the Itzlinger Au also offer green recreational spaces for stressed city dwellers who want to counter the beat of the city with breaks.

Lehen South, bordered by Ignaz-Harrer-Strasse to the north, as well as by the Salzach River on the east side, can also be described as the second "stronghold" for education and knowledge in Salzburg. Within this area are located, among others, the Christian-Doppler-Gymnasium and Realgymnasium, the Salzburger Bildungswerk and the Robert-Jungk-Bibliothek für Zukunftsfragen, and the Paracelsus Medical Private University is also directly adjacent to this area.

With the municipal library in the so-called "Neue Mitte Lehen", Lehen is certainly another important "knowledge location" in Salzburg.

Lehen became known mainly for the Lehen stadium of the SV Austria Salzburg soccer club, which was opened in 1971 and was the most modern soccer arena in Austria at the time. After the club moved to the EM Stadium Wals-Siezenheim, the operation of the stadium in Lehen was discontinued and the stadium was demolished with the exception of a floodlight mast and the "Neue Mitte Lehen", a district center, was created. The stadium turf was left in place and is now green space. Buildings were erected on the two long sides, which as an overall architectural ensemble are reminiscent of the old stadium with its stands. The building complex, a true architectural "eye-catcher", houses the modern Salzburg City Library, stores and apartments as well as a senior citizens' center.

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