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Real estate in Salzburg Leopoldskron Moos
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The district of Leopoldskron in Salzburg, also called Leopoldskron-Moos, is a very sparsely populated, beautifully idyllic district and the area is largely identical to the Leopoldskroner Moos landscape conservation area. In the south, Leopoldskron borders on the current city limits and in the north on the district of Riedenburg.

Leopoldskron-Moos is an ideal residential area especially for families with a central yet very quiet location in the countryside. Likewise, Leopoldskron offers a very good infrastructure with numerous supermarkets, bakeries, butcher shops and other shopping facilities as well as very good transport connections.

Cozy duck chatter at the Leopoldskroner Weiher and pure nature idyll - which Michael Denkstein enjoys while walking or jumping from the 10er into the "Lepi":

"A true natural jewel of Salzburg is the Leopoldskroner Weiher. A walk around the pond - no matter what time of day or season - is an absolute 'must-do' for Salzburgers. The pond shows all colors from emerald green to turquoise blue depending on how the sunlight falls. And in the fall, when the deep, leafy orange glows and the autumnal play of colors is reflected in the water, it's more than kitschy beautiful at this magical place," Michael Denkstein enthuses.

"And during a leisurely walk around the lake, highly recommended for 'romantics:inside', one encounters trusting waterfowl such as mallards, gray geese, majestic swans and also exotic Mandarin ducks," the Salzburg resident with body and soul knows to report with a cheeky "wink" and adds his "declaration of love" to the pond:

"When the goose and duck moms show off their offspring, maybe you should come back here in the spring after all. Or even in winter, when the frozen pond invites you to go ice skating."

"Well, it may be a matter of dispute whether the Leopoldskroner Weiher geographically still belongs to Leopoldskron-Moos or already to the district of Riedenburg. In any case, the Leopoldskroner Weiher is located in the immediate vicinity of the old town, idyllically in front of Leopoldskron Castle, which gives it its name. And this castle is famous. World famous. A true Hollywood star. It is the main setting and backdrop for the film 'Sound of Music' and is of great importance for Salzburg and the Salzburg Festival," continues Michael Denkstein.

"Leopoldskron Castle was owned by Max Reinhardt, theater impresario and co-founder of the Salzburg Festival. During Max Reinhardt's time, the magnificent rooms of the castle were stages for his plays and he had a garden theater built in the castle park, with the Leopoldskron pond and the Untersberg mountain as a backdrop. During these years Leopoldskron was an important meeting place for theater producers, writers, composers and actors from all over the world. Together with Hugo von Hofmannsthal and Richard Strauss, Max Reinhardt founded the Salzburg Festival in Leopoldskron Castle, which officially began with the performance of Jedermann on August 22, 1920, in Salzburg's Domplatz."

"And from the 10er of the 'Lepi', as the Salzburg outdoor pool next to the pond is colloquially called by the Salzburger:innen, you have an equally beautiful view of the fortress Hohen Salzburg as well as to the Leopoldskroner Weiher or to the Untersberg and the surrounding mountains. In addition, with 53,000m² of land and five pools and a total of 3,200m² of water, the 'Lepi' is the largest outdoor pool in the city of Salzburg. A 72m long water slide, the 14m long wide slide, islands, fountains, palm trees as well as the attractive children's area offer pure bathing pleasure for young and old. And the spacious green areas, table tennis, mini golf, billiards and its own beach volleyball court make the 'Lepi' the 'place to be' for families and a recreational meeting place for young people."

This district truly offers an ideal living situation in the countryside and yet close to the city. Numerous leisure, sports and play facilities are located in the immediate vicinity in the Hans-Donnenberg-Park, Leopoldskroner Weiher, in summer in the Leopoldskroner Freibad, the above-mentioned 'Lepi', and around the Almkanal. 

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