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Real estate in Salzburg Maxglan
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One of the most charming districts with history and character in Salzburg is certainly Maxglan. The third largest district with still village ambience is located in the west of Salzburg. The district is bordered in the north by the Westbahnlinie, in the east by the line Aiglhofstraße - the Müllner Almkanalarm - the Neutorstraße - the Bräuhausstraße - the brook Glan and in the south on the meadows of the Salzburg airport.

It combines in Maxglan chic city character with family-friendly village beauty, creating a wonderful "feel-good" flair for this very popular residential area.

Maximum variety

In Maxglan you can enjoy the urban and the village - and above all the variety: while shopping, enjoying, eating and strolling in the stores and restaurants, which cover more than the daily needs in the best way. Maxglan offers supermarkets, local suppliers, bakeries, butchers, organic delicatessens, greengrocers, wine stores, cafés, pastry stores, opticians, shoemakers, hairdressers, beauticians, tailors, furniture stores, pharmacies, banks, drugstores and many more stores, shopping opportunities and service providers that make daily life more beautiful, better and also much easier.

In Maxglan, shopping can be done on foot. No matter where you start from - everything your heart desires is just around the corner and on your doorstep.

Maximum enjoyment

And this district also has many restaurants and inns to offer - from the posh Italian to the rustic pub. Here in Maxglan, all tastes are catered for, poured and served.

And the old town of Salzburg is not far away and with a leisurely walk through the Neutor as good as on the doorstep. Thus, Maxglan is an attractive residential address for anyone who wants to live close to the center.

Maximally ingenious

In the early Middle Ages, the district of Maxglan was still called after the Glan stream. At that time, the name Glan was the name for the village and at the same time for the brook. Since the 15th century, the place has been called after the church patron St. Maximilian - hence Maxglan. In the past, thanks to its fertile farmland, the district was a very prosperous farming village, where many craftsmen also lived. Craftsmen are still settled here - from carpenters to shoemakers, all still find their workshops and homes in Maxglan.

Maximum on the move

The Arbeiter-Sportklub Salzburg (Workers' Sports Club Salzburg), which has several sections, including soccer, ensures a lively club life in Maxglan. The tennis club TC ASKÖ Maxglan, which emerged from the tennis section of the ASK, is dedicated to tennis. And the Maxglan gymnastics club has been in existence since 1902.

Hooray, it's all here in Maxglan!

"No other part of town makes shopping, without having to use a wheeled vehicle for it, more possible than Maxglan," Michael Denkstein enthuses. "Here, all you have to do is step outside your front door and you get what you're looking for - even a Stiegl beer, if you're thirsty, freshly tapped at the Stieglbrauerei zu Salzburg, Austria's leading private brewery. And what makes me particularly happy as an ambitious cyclist, in Maxglan it has been a tradition for years that once a year the cars have to stay outside and the Maxglan main street belongs entirely to the pedestrians and cyclists."

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