Real estate in Salzburg Schallmoos

Schallmoos - there is a lot going on here

Real estate in Salzburg Schallmoos
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The Schallmoos district is located northeast of Salzburg's historic old town and north of the Kapuzinerberg. And hardly any other part of town has as much to offer young people as the neighborhood between the train station and Kapuzinerberg. But that was not always the case. For a long time, there was nothing going on in Schallmoos. There wasn't much in Schallmoos except for a moor. That only changed in the 17th century, when the people of Salzburg set about draining the stale moss at the gates of the city, and so, despite its close proximity to the center, Schallmoos is one of the younger parts of town. Today, retail and commercial enterprises as well as residential areas dominate this popular part of town.

Schallmoos is an urban residential area for young people and the young at heart who love the urban lifestyle. Almost 11,000 people live here - most of them very much so.

Stone beer, stables, cocktails and concerts

"If you want to drink a beer in a cozy atmosphere where horses used to be housed in their stables, you have to go to the 'Fuxn'. This economy is cozy young and also offers a very excellent home cooking," Michael Denkstein knows to report. "Organic can the Urbankeller as the first bio-certified inn in the city of Salzburg. From beer to wine there are beverage-technically bio options and rather rustic comfortably it is also there. You should definitely try the Salzburger Steinbier, which goes perfectly with a hearty roast pork. Cocktails are available at the Jigger Bar and culture at Salzburg's Rockhouse. Concerts are held at the Rockhouse almost all year round, and there are always some insider tips that will stay in your memory for a long time."

Here you live at the pulse of time with the city. Numerous hip locations characterize the trendy district and attract connoisseurs, culture fans and night owls alike.

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